Our mission

Yogdan is an effort to formalize and organize the work of serving needy & deprived,

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YOGDAN is a not-for-profit organisation and therefore relies on external funding and donations to continue its valuable work.

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Esteemed Contributors

Yogdan would like to record its gratitude to the following donors

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Who We Are

YOGDAN is a registered public charitable Society and is non-profit, voluntary, non-government organization established in the year 1998.

The benefits of the society are open to all irrespective of caste, creed, religion, race, sex etc. Yogdan does not carry any activities with an intention of earning profit. It works mainly in the areas of upliftment of poor people of remote rural areas including tribal areas through conservation of natural resources and making them available for increasing production and raising the financial level of the farmers and poor people. medical aid, Improving health conditions and cultural upliftment of the society by promotion of Hindi literature is another important area focused on by the Society. To promote literature, society is publishing the quarterly literary Hindi Magazine “Shabdyog”.

What We Do

We would like to invite the support from all of you in following forms: -

  • Your donations, you can even choose the case you would like to support out of all the cases we have. If you like, meeting can be arranged with the beneficiaries too.

  • If you have any suggestion or would like to give any guidance you are most welcome to do that. Please go to the section "Contact Us" and drop a mail on the given e-mail address


Yogdan is an effort to formalize and organize the work of serving needy & deprived, at the same time providing the opportunity to all blessed & well meaning people to come forward and extend a helping hand in the form of donations, other resources, skill set, time etc to provide support to under privileged.