Our mission

Yogdan is an effort to formalize and organize the work of serving needy & deprived,

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YOGDAN is a not-for-profit organisation and therefore relies on external funding and donations to continue its valuable work.

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Esteemed Contributors

Yogdan would like to record its gratitude to the following donors

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About Us:


Birth of Organisation

YOGDAN was conceived in 1998 by  founder members Mr.. R.K. Paliwal, Mr. P.S. Tomar & Mr. K. Sahai ,  their passion of serving humanity, caring attitude and belief in giving back to the society. Inspiration has come from the guiding light of founders believe in. Though founders have been serving humanity for years in their own small & big ways but group decided to formalize the work to make it more organised. The intention is to extend the support to needy & deprived by sharing personal resources and contacts, at the same time, increasing awareness of "Look beyond yourself" which not only results into betterment of communities and society but also give immense self-gratification and a chance to pay gratitude to the almighty for providing us the opportunity to serve. Now over a number of year, the baton has been passed on to present governing body to serve the humanity better.

Meaning of the Word

YOGDAN is a Hindi word which translates to “Contribution” in English.


The Governing Body & TEAM

The Governing body of Yogdan hail from different professions but have the common passion to serve needy. They all have been already doing the same in their lives for years mainly in the areas of providing nutrition, medical aid and education to the needy. They have all done this with resources and help they could mobilize through personal savings, relationships and contacts.

Apart from functionaries, members, volunteers and support group are the main strength of the society who are actively engaged to serve the people of the society at large.


The Intention
Yogdan is an effort to formalize and organize the work of serving needy & deprived, at the same time providing the opportunity to all blessed & well meaning people to come forward and extend a helping hand in the form of donations, other resources, skill set, time etc to provide support to under privileged.

The Invitation
We would like to invite the support from all of you in following forms: -
1.        Your donations, you can even choose the case you would like to support out of all the cases we have. If you like, meeting can be arranged with the beneficiaries too.
2.        If you have any suggestion or would like to give any guidance you are most welcome to do that. Please go to the section "Contact Us" and drop a mail on the given e-mail address